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Her Story 



Twyla Green comes from a great lineage of professional hairstylists and nail technicians.


Born and raised in southeast San Diego, Twyla was fully immersed in the beauty industry at an early age. She recalls being tasked with folding towels and sweeping floors in her aunt’s and uncle’s salons. At the age of 12, she discovered exactly what her purpose in life was; to make people feel and look beautiful! Utilizing her personal struggles as the catalyst: being born in prison, surviving faulty foster care, childhood trauma as a result of sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse, to begin her personal healing process heal by helping others to heal.


Twyla found her “safe space” making others feel wanted, loved and understood. Upon graduating at the top of her cosmetology class, she embarked on this new journey to use beauty as a “tool” to help; not a “weapon” to breakdown. Today, Twyla is the proud owner of the salon The Hair Agency SD where she proclaims that

Your Beauty is her duty!

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